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obscure  /əbˈskyʊr/  verb [+ object] 1 : to make (something) difficult to understand or know : to make (something) obscure The true history has been obscured by legends about what happened. They accused the company …

Weigh down

weigh down  /ˈweɪˈdaʊn/  phrasal verb 1 1 weigh (someone or something) down or weigh down (someone or something) : to press down on (someone or something) : to make (someone or something) heavier and less able to move easily …


stealthy /ˈstɛlθi/  adjective : quiet and secret in order to avoid being noticed the stealthy movements of the crocodile a stealthy burglar — stealthily /ˈstɛlθəli/ adverb


blazing /ˈbleɪzɪŋ/  adjective : very hot, fast, or powerful the blazing heat/sun She runs with blazing — blazingly adverb blazingly hot/fast


dyed-in-the-wool  /ˌdaɪdn̩ðəˈwʊl/  adjective always used before a noun, often disapproving : having very strong beliefs, opinions, etc., that you are not willing to change He is known as a dyed-in-the-wool


hub  /ˈhʌb/  noun [count] 1 : the central and most active part or place the hub of the city The island is a major tourist hub. [=a place where many tourists go] She was …

Fly high

fly high  /ˌˈflaɪˈhaɪ/  idiom [informal] 1 : to be very happy and excited She was flying high after her excellent exam results. 2 : to be very successful After some difficult years, the company …


immerse /ɪˈmɚs/  verb [+ object] 1 : to put (something) in a liquid so that all parts are completely covered Immersethe fabric completely in the dye. 2 : to make (yourself) fully involved in some …