Edward Sapir

Biography Linguists Edward Sapir Name Edward Sapir Born January 26, 1884 Died February 4, 1939 (aged 55) Linguists The Collected Works of Edward Sapir The Problem of Noun Incorporation in American Languages Culture, Language and Personality Language: An Introduction to

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Noam Chomsky

Biography Linguists Avram Noam Chomsky Name Avram Noam Chomsky Born December 7, 1928 Linguists Chomsky’s Universal Grammar: An Introduction In Defense of a Dogma Logic and Conversation Aspects of the Theory of Syntax The Minimalist Program Why Only Us: Language

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Eve Vivienne Clark

Biography Linguists Eve Vivienne Clark Name Eve Vivienne Clark Born July 26, 1942 Linguists Color, Reference and Expertise in Language Acquisition Conventionality and Contrast in Language and Language Acquisition First Language Acquisition How Language Acquisition Builds on Cognitive Development Structure

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Leonard Bloomfield

Biography Linguists Leonard Bloomfield Name Leonard Bloomfield Born April 1, 1887 Died April 18, 1949 (aged 62) Linguists Language Tagalog Texts with Grammatical Analysis An Introduction to the Study of Language Biography Leonard Bloomfield was an American linguist who significantly

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Ferdinand Mongin de saussure

Biography Linguists Ferdinand de Saussure Name Ferdinand de Saussure Born 26 November 1857 Died 22 February 1913 (aged 55) Linguists Mémoire sur le Système Primitif des Voyelles dans les Langues Indo-Européennes Saussure's Second Course of Lectures on General Linguistics Cours

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Paul Grice

Biography Linguists Paul Grice Name Paul Grice Born 13 March 1913 Died 28 August 1988 (aged 75) Linguists Meaning The Causal Theory of Perception Studies in the Way of Words Biography Paul Grice is most famous for his ingenious work

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