remote /rɪˈmoʊt/  adjective

  • 1 a : far away : Distant

    • She enjoys reading about remote
    • remote galaxies

    1b : far away from other people, houses, cities, etc.

    • remote island/village
    • The mission is to transport medical supplies to remote areas/places/regions of the globe.

    2 always used before a noun : far away in time : happening a long time ago or far into the future

    • a tradition that dates back to remote antiquity
    • an invention that may be available in the remote future

    3 : very small : Slight

    • There is a remote possibility that I’ll be free Friday night.
    • remote chance[=a very small possibility]

    4 always used before a noun : not closely related

    • remote ancestors

    5 : very different from something

    • Their traditions are remote from our own.

    6 : not friendly or involved with other people : distant or cold in manner

    • She became very remote in her old age.

    7 a computers : connected to a computer system from another place

    always used before a noun

    • remote computer/machine/terminal
    • Remote users cannot access these files.
    • The computer is capable of remote [=it is possible to become connected to this computer from another place]

    7 b : capable of being controlled from a distance

    always used before a noun

    • remote camera
    • remote sensors

    — remoteness noun [noncount]

    • The remoteness of his location made it hard for rescuers to reach him.
    • his remoteness as a father