settlement  /ˈsɛtl̟mənt/  noun

1 a [count: a formal agreement or decision that ends an argument or dispute

  • I got the house in the divorce settlement.
  • The parties have not been able to reach/negotiate a settlement in the case.
  • an out-of-court settlement[=an agreement made to avoid a court case]

also : an amount of money that someone receives as part of such an agreement

  • a cash settlement
  • settlement of two million dollars

1 b [singular: the act or process of settling an argument or disagreement

  • We were hoping for a quick settlement of the dispute between the neighbors.

2 [noncount: the act of paying back money that is owed — often followed by of

  • the settlement of our debts
  • He paid $20,000 in settlement of a loan.

3 a [count: a place where people have come to live and where few or no people lived before

  • English settlements in North America
  • This was the island’s first colonial settlement.

3 b [noncount: the act or process of moving to a new area or place to live there : the act or process of settling an area or place — often followed by of

  • The rifle played a big role in the early settlement of North America.

3 c [count: a small village

  • They came upon the ruins of an ancient settlement.