Trim  /trɪm/  verb

[+ object]

1 a : to cut something off something else : to remove something by cutting — often + awayfrom, or off

  • She trimmed away the dead branches.
  • She trimmed the fat from/off the meat.

1 b : to make something neat by cutting it

  • He trimmed his mustache.
  • The hedges need to be trimmed.

2 : to make the size, amount, or extent of something smaller

  • They are looking for ways to trim the budget.

3 : to decorate something especially around the edges with ribbons, ornaments, etc.

  • We trimmed the Christmas tree.
  • a pillow trimmed in/with lace

4 : to adjust a boat’s sails in order to move faster

  • The sailors trimmed the sails.

— trimmer /ˈtrɪmɚ/ nounplural trimmers [count]

  • a mustache trimmer