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Students learning a foreign language in our center have to assimilate many new categorizations and codifications since they are to understand and speak the language as its native speakers do. Such a result does not come of itself; it requires hard work, hard thinking, patience and persistence on the part of our students. This is a process of simmering, not of rapid boiling.

We respond in a way that reveals attitudes and convictions in our own minds, we are strengthened to "select judiciously," applying what we find to be useful, keeping the needs of our language learners in the forefront of our thinking; we experiment and innovate purposefully in this particular context. We are in charge and we cede this role to no other.

These principles express a philosophical or psychological attitude. We teach according to firmly held attitudes of this kind.

In our efficient language-learning strategies the real world extends beyond the classroom walls; language learning takes place in and out of the classroom. 

We seize every existing or imaginable opportunity for taking the language and its learners out of the classroom, in actuality or through vicarious experience.

Our students should seek opportunities to hear and use the language outside of the class context. Much hearing, reading, and using of the language in informal settings, where the students' concern is not with grading but with the giving and receiving of messages, will increase familiarity with many commonly used words, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions and adages, increasing the probability of long-term retention and of rapid retrieval when the need arises.                               

We are selecting a sequenced presentation of all aspects of the language and culture: personal research, heated debates, round-table discussions, well-designed aural and pictorial materials, illustration by films, soap operas and other audio-visual means, which represent all aspects of life in countries where the language is spoken.

We are keeping up-to-date bulletin boards in the language classrooms. On these boards are affixed works and biography of genius thinkers. We pin up a reproduction of the most outstanding works of literature.

Être un polyglotte est une lutte éternelle.

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