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English: The Universal Language
Why a language becomes a universal language has little to do with the number of people who speak it. It is much more to do with who those speakers are.
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Who is a polyglot?
Ask anyone on the street to give you the definition of the word "polyglot" and he will mutter out something about "a person speaking many languages."
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Adults Can Be Retrained To Learn Second Languages
Scientists used to believe that the adult brain could not be retrained later in life to distinguish between these sounds: in other words the brains plasticity was set.
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Linguistic groups: from 3000 BC
The most widespread group of languages today is the Indo-European, spoken by half the worlds population.
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Meet the challenge
Iranian speakers of foreign languages in attempting to use the new language to express their own thoughts, find themselves in an abnormally constricting situation, where their choice of expression is severely limited. At the age at which adult Iranians are accustomed to being able to demonstrate orally the maturity of their thoughts and the breadth of their knowledge in their mother tongue, Persian...
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Être un polyglotte est une lutte éternelle.

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